Military ships back on Sale: Super Hornet worth it?

Greeitngs friends, since the military ships are back on sale is buying a Super Hornet worth it? What are you opinions on the ship?

I decided to take the plunge on it due to it being the best ship for AC right now, unless you want to suck up to the missile meta and jump in a Gladiator, but where’s the fun in that? It also has a jump drive in it, which if I’m not mistaken… no other ships of similar size have right now unless you go with a ‘medium’ ship like a Freelancer. I reasoned this would be a good investment in the long run, especially if you need to make a quick deployment nearby and no carrier is available.

Yea I don’t buy that the Super hornet is the best ship just cause it has more guns, it has an incredibly low skill cap because you can just gimbal a bunch of omnis on it, if your looking to do well in vanduul swarm get a super hornet, if you want to compete in battle royal get something with some speed, like a gladius or M50 and fly circles around them.

Several of the fighters come with jump drives and I think all of them can use one in the PU.

Thanks for the opinions. Anyone else have any opinions?

For me its the perfect ship for fighting, but thats is because of my playstyle. I tested the Gladius as well but i cant control this ship its just too fast for me. The hornet or the gladiator are really easy to fly and fight with for me, i can aim very well with em. Super Hornet has better equipment as the normal hornet and more guns than the gladiator so i bought it.

Personally, I feel it depends on how you want to fight. Most of the ships available at the moment have their own fighting style, so it really boils down to personal preference. If you like being a tank, go for the Super Hornet (or any Hornet variant for that matter). If you want to be stealthy, go for the Hornet Ghost. If you like being able to outmaneuver your opponent at the cost of armor, go for something like the Gladius. When the Mustang Delta is working right (it’s pretty bad at the moment, IMHO), it’s a great glass cannon (hits hard, decently maneuverable, but CANNOT take a hit). If you want one that’s good all around, go for the Avenger, which also has some cargo space.

I have a Super Hornet and love it. My only beef with it is that it almost always takes some damage when a missile is shot at it (drop counter measures, but can’t get far enough away from the blast in time to avoid taking damage from being to close to the explosion). This can be remedied to an extent by buying/renting a size 4 Splash shield. It reduces explosion damage from missiles, but you take increased damage from gunfire as a tradeoff.

For me its the other way around. The Hornet is way too slow for my tasting or you have to think really, really ahead because the thruster are just slow. But i started with the gladius maybe im just more accustomed to its reaction time. I flew the SH last week. I killed faster but couldn’t get out of trouble fast enough. The gladius is on the other side more vulnerable than the SH.
And cant you equip most ships with jump drives when the game is released?

And i don’t think the SH will that expensive once the game is released so for me it aint worth it.

I may have jumped the gun on saying it’s the ‘best’ for AC, but admittedly it’s a solid choice. With a low skill cap, lots of weapons, and being somewhat beefy, it’s a great all rounder. Admittedly it doesn’t maneuver well at all. It’s far too easy to slide into collisions, and picking up speed after a tight turn is costly. All that fire coming from your ship draws attention too. I know whenever I see a boatload of fire coming from a ship, they have my attention.

With the talk of reducing damage for more sustained fights though, an Avenger or Gladius may be a more prudent choice from now on.

With 6 guns, 8 missiles and a second seat. The SH is a pretty stout fighter. It can dish out a hefty amount of damage and soak it back like a sponge. You will not have the speed an maneuverability as some of the lighter ships. Its all about play style though.

Just remember Arena Commander does not reflect how combat might play out in the PU. A group of players would ideally want to incorporate several ship types to obtain a well balanced fleet. Basically that means fly what you think you will like and are good at. The rest will work itself out.

And if you don’t like it you can always melt it for something else.

Once SH was a symbol of nearly mil spec gear. Now SH does not even have size 4 shield anymore. If he stats wont change on that than SH will be in pair with the C version with the only difference of additional seat. I am a bit disappointed with SH money/value atm.

The last time I checked, the Super Hornet could still carry a size 4 shield. The size 3 shield is what it comes with, but could be upgraded to a size 4. I’ll jump on Star Citizen tonight and verify, though.

I rented a size 4 Mark shield and logged in to test the SH. The SH does come with a size 3 shield and can be equipped with up to a size 4. All Hornets can equip the same shields. The benefit of the SH over the other Hornets is the ball turret, equipping it with 2 extra guns that the other Hornets cannot currently equip (they may be able to equip a ball turret later to add the extra guns, but not currently).

Regular hornets should be able to equip the ball turret eventually (except maybe in some variant models). The main advantage of the SH over the other’s was the larger size 3 power plant, extra seat, and jump drive.

No matter if it is currently size 3 or 4, and maybe I am missing something here, but SH was supposed to be a better than standard Hornet and was advertised as nearly milspec. Now when all Hornets have same shield, I don’t know if SH got bigger power plant or not but the fact is, gap between SH and rest is getting smaller… and to be honest I approve this just not willing to pay 55$ extra for a second seat.

I am brand new just learning. Had to order a new PC gaming rig because mine old one could hack it. So I’ve enjoyed reading the comments here. I am also curious about thoughts on the Aegis Redeemer? Has anyone tested that ship? Also a basic run down of best ships for learning exploring the game. With the thought of not investing in ships I wont use later on. so invest in long term versus short term? Does that make sense?


Welcome Glensky. Aegis Redeemer isn’t flight ready yet and wont be until multi-crew ships patch comes out or even later on. One can only speculate on Redeemers performance but regarding the role it is military oriented, versatile platform and in its basic variant, aimed at transporting troops to combat.

I am sure it would make great “starter” ship. I would like to see ship variant with long range jump drive/extra fuel like on Vanguard to be a command ship on long range recon/assault missions or as a black ops drop ship. Who knows maybe with modularity it will all be possible.

But to be honest whenever a ship is useful to you relay mostly on what do you want to do in PU, so start with that :wink:

In general every ship will let you learn the basics of the game and you can do everything (better or worst) regardless of ship you fly. Obviously you need multicrew ship for that kind of stuff but if you want to have long term investment, figure out what you want to do in the long run and we will help you pick something right for you.