Mendu's Glorious Introduction.

Hello fellow forum folks!

My name is Mendu. I’m looking for an org to join, and I like a lot of what I’m hearing about / from ADI. I play many other games (feel free to ask) and am always happy to lend a hand in whatever capacity I am able. I am hoping to join the Mission Support Services team, and do my part to keep things moving along… and fueled and stuff. Probably going to need bullets too. I’ll do my best to bring those as well.

Anyway, thanks for looking, and good luck.

Welcome on board friend!

Hello Mendu, welcome to ADI. See you in the 'verse!

Welcome Mendu,

Glad to have you on board! Be sure to hop in Mumble every now and then in order to help familiarize yourself with a few of the many ADI members. I Hope to see you at the next Friday night flight night, and welcome once again.