Membership Expelled?

I was recently emailed that my membership to ADI was expelled because I was part of another Org and ADI was not set as my main. I was not aware that this needed to be done and when I read your policy on Multi-Org Policy it was clear on what the other Org exceptions were it stated very vaguely that I was able to apart of another Org so long as it didn’t interfere with ADI and to my knowledge it didn’t. I was wondering if I can get this clarified and reapply

I think you mis-read the multi-org policy, we only allow ‘main’ members in the org, and only social orgs (300i owners club, operation pitchfork etc) are allowed to be affiliated with.

A mass email was sent out almost a month ago reminding folks of this policy and that we would be removing members who failed to fix their setup.

Either way, come to mumble and one of the recruiters or team leads will be able to get you taken care of.