Hey, everyone, from all sides of the Verse~! My name’s Medic565, but I also go by the monikers “Hipax” and “Austin” in other parts of the world. I’m a college freshman and generally more hardcore gamer, having been involved with computers and technology for most of my life. I have family pictures and memories of helping family with their computers, as well as gaming online and getting more involved with communities. I am currently pursuing a degree in Computer Science but am currently prepping to move for a better opportunity with a friend of mine in another state. I’ve been involved with gaming since my more infantile years (My dad likes to tell a story of when I was a kid, and I snuck up on him playing Quake and was bunny-hopping from under the desk :stuck_out_tongue:), and generally like to play any game with a huge focus on narrative, immersion, or just a generally solid FPS game (Looking at you, DOOM 2016, PUBG, and a few others). I generally like to write, game, or roleplay for my major hobbies, so much so to the point that It helped me through tough times struggling with depression and other things that kinda helped me change who I was as a person and become a better, more respectful friend that a lot of the people I meet tend to get along fairly well with (Or at least, as much as they allow me to think). I’m stepping into ADI because I figure this would be a great opportunity to get my name out there and become more known not only as a pilot and ground mercenary, but also as a compassionate soul that can help others wherever they can. I look forward to getting to meet all of you in and out of the Verse. <3

Welcome to ADI this is a great group of people and has helped me find my way around the maze of info that is Star Citizen. jump in whenever you have time we are very active in the PU. If you have any questions just send me a message. See you around

Welcome to ADI Medic565! It was great talking to you and getting to know you a bit during your onboarding. I look forward to seeing you around the 'verse!

Hello and welcome to ADI!

I myself am also a college student, currently pursuing a degree in Business Management, with a focus into narrowing my path into aviation as a pilot. So, if you need any tips about surviving college from a Junior, feel free to ask because I wish I asked all the right questions my first year to find all the resources on my campus.

As for computers, I have myself self taught myself a lot of about computer IT stuff because of problems I encountered with my own setups, and needing to resolve them. Then friends came to me for help and I just have been growing my knowledge ever since.
Though computer science is a great career, but it’s also very competitive because numerous other people are also pursuing careers in that field in this day and age where technology is improving at a fast rate. Thus it’s great that you have a connection with a friend who can help you begin that path with the opportunity they are offering you (if it’s also computer based). It helps to network early, in your career.

Any who, I hope you enjoy your stay here with us in ADI, and please feel free to join us in Mumble. Hope to see you soon. :slight_smile:


Welcome to Atlas Defense Industries, Medic!

I hope you find a good home here in ADI

I hope to see you in the PU mate. :slight_smile:

Welcome to ADI Medic565! We’re glad to have you on the team! Be sure to jump on mumble and get linked up with our members flying in the PU whenever you’re able. With interests in FPS and pilot have you considered which division you might be interested in? Fleet Sec or certain aspects of PCS might be interesting for you. If you have any questions about ADI or SC please don’t hesitate to let us know. You’re welcome to PM me through the forums or on Discord any time if you like. Welcome!

Hi Medic565,

Nice to have you on board! From your introduction post I see you like to write a very nice quality to have. Very nice game experience you bring to this organization. My game experience started when my brother bought a pc with a 8086 processor, green screen and I played Sopwith and man how great that was! Especially because I wasn’t allowed to play…
Did Falcon on green screen and landing was an achievement. Various games after that the ones that stole my heart were the C&C games, original warcraft games and lot of time in BF1942 and successors.

See you soon on mumble to hang out!

Bye changenl

Happy to have you among the ranks, Medic565! Thank you for sharing your personal story with us. You sound like a genuine person and it is not always easy to share our challenges with others. It is a good thing that you have found an outlet to help you along the way. I know that gaming is therapy for me. Welcome and see you in game!