Mass Effect

Is anyone here a ME fan? I was playing the trilogy on my long time away from my PC and noticed that SC offers a chance to make the flotila. (hope I spelled that correct)


I loved that damn series.

Excellent games. I’ve been strongly considering replaying 3 (hated the Mako in 1, the mining in 2 was still annoying, so that leaves me with 3).

Mining period is annoying and I just flipped a table having to deal with the mako… I feel your pain but I love the whole story line. I hear they will be bringing back the mako for the next game in the ME universe

The Mining Stuff was soooo good. Also the Mako…

idk whats wrong with you. You didnt needed to make Mining or Mako Missions…

Thanks god ME3 Sucked a lot - hopefully they go back to the roots.
Well, it doesnt sucked couz of those 2 things… There where other stuff…

But i still love the ME Series.

1 was great 2 was the best, 3 was the worse… only good thing about 3 was playing online with my friends. 3 took away the 3 choice conversations, so you only had the good response or the bad one and then the end was a huge let down… I liked the original writes idea for what the reapers where made for…

I have to agree 2 was the best. I’m currently in the middle of ME2 soon to go see the flotila

I am a total Mass Effect fan… if you couldn’t tell… I loved all of them. ME3 was GREAT - up until the end. The end ruined it. The Extended DLC somewhat helped, but not enough. … VXrIoMJTOd

I just and currently am on a ME bender. I just got into ME3 forgot how well the cover mechanics are as well as the sound effects really enjoying manipulating the outcome through my choices, seeing that I know the story plot points.

Will we (ADI) operate somewhat like the flotilla ?

More than likely. But we’ll probably setup camp when we find a large enough resource area like an asteroid belt.

Mass Effect was great.
Bioware are really good at creating a world/universe or bringing an existing world to life.
These details give the games a sort of gut feeling about the games.

Watching the Normandy explode in ME2 was the only time I’ve ever felt emotionally compromised. Ever.

All of the Mass Effect games had a tear jerker effect for me at one point or another… Okay… several times…

All of the Mass Effect games had a tear jerker effect for me at one point or another… Okay… several times…

Say what you will about ME3, but the Citadel DLC has got to be the best $20 I’ve spent in years.

This… will be a good day ( can’t wait! )!

LOVE the ME games. Unfortunately, a few days ago I tried installing ME1, but when I get to the screen that says “press any key to continue”, and press a key, it crashes. Every time. When it crashes it gives me an error but I can’t remember what the error is right now (at work). But yes, absolutely LOVE the series.

Couldn’t agree more!

I just reached the end of ME3 and the “tear jerking” moment when you pretty much say goodbye to everyone. Also I messed up this game and incidentally killed off the quarians!! so tali killed her self!! I can’t forgive myself.

I’ve heard we are suppose to hear something about ME4 for a lack of a title this E3. Can anyone confirm this?


You absolute monster.

According to most sources we are supposed to hear something at E3 and the full game is slated to come out some time in 2016, though it has not been officially confirmed by Bioware.