Mashayach- New Recruit


I fly a Cutlass black and an arrow in the verse…
And I drive a Phoenix Hawk in MWO…!


Good all around ship, the Cuttie, and arrow is a good lil fighter.

Phoenix hawk huh? So like the most gundamn esqe mexh our there, :yum:


Actually with the PH I was trying to channel my inner RICK HUNTER…:grin:
The Cutlass allows me to feel like Hanging Solo…THE LUCAS SOLO NOT DISNEY SOLO lol

PH is my fav on me but I have an atlas that I love and a shawdow hawk from the old board game…


Ahhh Macross! Yea I can see that too!

I dunno I think there are a few ships that are more Han than the Cuttie, but it is a start.


Yes there are! They are just not available…I would really like that Starrunner buddy! Thats nice! Speaking of Macross, my opinion it was the greatest written series (at the time)…Still better than most crap today! smh


Welcome to ADI and thanks you for your service sir =D, i see you in the verse and its awesome you play sims like DCS thats a fun game as well


Welcome to Atlas Mash and thank you for your service! As for the Org’s fleet based ops we tend to do them on a semi-regular basis and it’s always a blast! Glad to see another fan of Mechwarrior onboard as well lol


I love mwo! Thanks and can’t wait to fly with u bud! Same handle on mwo!


Hey Mashayach, we played the other night and somehow I missed that you only recently joined the ADI family. I’m glad you’ve got so much gaming experience maybe some of it will rub off on me. See you… M


Lol it’s been good hanging with you guys…this has to be the best game ever! Along with you guys being awsome, it’s the perfect play!