Mashayach- New Recruit


Hello guys I am new to the Universe and to ADI…Im a midwest guy (St. Louis GO CARDS) who lives in NYC! I always need a break from the hustle and bustle…lol Im also former US ARMY Combat medic(21st CSH FEAR NOT). Served in the desert but without the syndrom! I’ve been a simulation guy all my life but fell of in recent years. I was looking for the ultimate space sim and this came across on youtube. Ive played lots of MMO, Flight Sims, and FPS. My favs are:
I kill every second of my free time playing one of these and now SC!! I cant wait to meet new people and mobilize as a fleet or squad! I love this alpha! Its better than any game available right now! Thanks for the invite as im sure this Organization is the best in the galaxy!


Hi Mashayach,

I don’t think you’ll be disappointed with ADI, and look forward to seeing you in the verse.



Salutations, Mashayach, and welcome to ADI. It’s great to see a fellow Mechwarrior enthusiast. Sounds like you’ll fit right in. Hope to get to fly with you in the near future!


Hello Mashayach, and welcome!

Is that mechwarrior online? or just mechwarrior? How about battletech? I’m looking to do some battletech matches with other ADI members if we get enough guys…

There’s plenty of services guys in this org. I think we’re the number one demographic actually.

If you like fleets and squads, then this is the org for you!

See you in the verse!


Welcome to ADI Mashayach. You’ve picked a great place to call home in the verse. Lots of current and former service members in ADI so hopefully you will feel right at home. ADI has folks active in all aspects of the game and willing to push the limits of what can be accomplished in the game right now. Look forward to flying with you.


Welcome to ADI Mashayach :slight_smile:

Happy to have you with us and great game!
Hop on Discord and Mumble and you will find a lot of people to play with.

See you in the Verse!


MWO…! I was looking hard at Battletech because i owned the old commodore 64 verion( I’m an old gamer lol)…i didnt know that it had a multiplayer mode! Also, Im looking hard at Mechwarrior 5!! smh im not sure how that is gonna work with MWO…seems redundant…


Greetings Mashayach,

I’m glad you picked ADI. I went to High School in Illinois, a small town named Hamilton, right on the river. I got away from there as soon as I graduated. Out of the games that you mentioned I’ve also played Mechwarrior. Before I started playing Star Citizen I focused on Destiny/2. Well let me know if you need a hand with anything. Welcome aboard.



Welcome to Atlas Defense Industries Mashayach!

Thank you for taking the time to do your onboarding with me this morning, it was good getting to know you. Look forward to seeing you around the verse!


Who can ever forget a non-violent guy named SPIKE!!! Thanks for everything bro…It was an awsome orientation! cant wait to see you in the stars brother!


I know Hamilton well and i also understand why you were on the first thing smoking!! lol Well, lets represent for all the midwest hillbillies…!


Look me up in MWO also as MASHAYACH…!


Welcome Mashayach, We are happy to have you here and we all share the same love for fun space games or hardcore simulators. If you have any questions, feel free to ask any of us and we will see you in the verse.


another MMO veteran and an army medic to boot! welcome to the org and the verse Mashayach. I am a 13 year wow veteran my self and beta tests SWTOR back when it first came out shame it went down i really enjoyed it. if you have any questions comments concerns or need to know anything about the org OR the game let me know


Welcome to ADI Mashayach. I hope to see you flying in the verse fairly soon.


Welcome Mashayach, glad to have you onboard here at ADI. Wanted to first say thank you for your service, and look forward to flying with you here soon in the 'verse!


Hello and welcome on board, Mashayach.

Glad you join us. Feel free to join us in discord and mumble, ask your questions there, show your presence, fly with us in org missions and check the calendar for our upcoming events.

See you soon around the verse, the bar with ADI flags


welcome to ADI, Mashayach! Sounds like you know your way around a keyboard! You have played a lot more games than I! I hope you enjoy your new home and I look forward to seeing you in the game!


Welcome to ADI Mashayach! Hope you enjoy SC as much as we do.


Welcome Mashayach! What are you flying in verse? And more inportantly what are you usually piloting in MW?