Make move smoother/enhance your aim Hotas

Would like to share a tip (for those don’t know already…) about how to make your Joystick move a bit smoother and eventually enhance your aim.

1 -In Hangar ,press Esc key and go to option —> Control options,then just below you see the mouse controls,slide the bar to the right till you see Joystic / Hotas 1. Scroll down page till you see Master Sensitivity Curve.Press EDIT to this bar by double clicking on the blue line.
You will be able to add or remove dots. Fix the line as much close as your preferred playing style is and the spaceship you want to use mostly.You can make tests as long as you are playing Vandul Swarm ,by hitting esc and changing the sensitivity ,the game freeze so you won’t have any death problem.

2 -When you find the sensitivity curve you like,it’s good to go to key bindings settings hotas /Joystick 1 and export save the profile with the name you want.After a new game patch is applied ,the most time your profiles are deleted ,so press right click to Star Citizen Shortcut and go to settings—>file location and then to CitizrntClient–>USER—>Controls—>Mappings. In there you will see the file you have saved as:
layout_“the name you gave”_exported. Copy this file and save it somewhere in your pc.It is also good to give it a smaller name by right clicking on it and press the rename option. If your existing profile with the sensitivity curve will ever be deleted after a new game patch,you can copy and paste this file again to your game mappings,then in hangar press " ` " button to open console and write :

pp_rebindkeys “the name of the file”

It will be loaded again and will work with the new game patch.

In case you feel that step 2 is perplexing ,ignore it completely

Waiting for you in Arena Commander to kill them all !! :smiley:

It would be a good practice to make a copy of the export file and place someplace that is safe, then if anything does happen to your user file, you always have a saved copy you can import. Especially true for those who make changes to the XML file ADI has generated.

Please see viewtopic.php?f=7&t=1991&p=6853#p6853

We use a standardized XML for members so we can easily provide better technical support for our members. We’ve adjusted sensitivity and curves to best provide a smooth level of control for our HOTAS and Mouse users.

Oups…sorry haven’t read this before.If you want then you could delete of course this topic.
And where i could find this XML?


If you are having trouble with aiming your hotas I would recommend lowering the sensitivity and slowly moving it back up as you get better.

I personally have not touched the sensitivity curves, and since every person likes a different sensitivity the ADI XML has the defaults. You can use our XML and then make additional changes to the sensitivity using the instructions shown above. A refined iteration of this will be added to the official XML instructions in the next pass.