Luther_Stark Introduction to ADI

I’m very happy to be part of the ADI organization. Looking forward to fly with all of you. Got a DCS and X-plane background.


Welcome to ADI Luther. Good to have you with us.

A hearty welcome to you Luther, may I doub thee Martin? On a more serious note, welcome, I hope you will enjoy your time here. Hope to see you on Discord and Mumble!

Welcome to ADI Luther. I’m glad you joined the team. A lot of the brass have DCS history too. Me; not so much. I bought a hotas this summer and still haven’t plugged it in so I’m a little behind. I look forward to running ops with you.

Welcome aboard, glad to have you. Hope to see you in the verse soon!

Welcome Luther! Glad to have you with us here at ADI, you picked the right org to call home with active and experienced members to enjoy the Verse. Hope to fly with you soon!

Hello Luther,

Welcome to ADI. Well, good to read somebody here, who also has a touch for flight simming (In my case it is p3d, Fly-virtual and vatsim) .

Anyway, I am sure you will feel comfy here. I still remember the day in early summer, when I read those conversation about radio navigation here.

Have a good day and feel free to say hello.

Hello Luther and welcome to ADI! I hope you enjoy your new family and be sure to reach out for help and questions you may have. See you in game!

Hello and welcome to ADI, Luther. Just got started with SC and DCI but waiting for my HOTAS :slight_smile:

Nice! Welcome aboard flyer and hope to see you around Stark! Have questions? Ask around and someone’ll lend a hand in any of the chat groups or forums.

Thank You Ghost!! Vey happy to be here… Looking forward to some missions together and to start doing my certs. This sim was meant to be played like this.

Thank You all for the warm welcome!!! my last post was directed to Ghost, but it is really for everybody that reached out to me! Very happy to be part of this org and looking forward to create new memories and share experiences with you all. I started not long ago on Star Citizen and still getting used to the whole thing. If there are any gear I need that you would recommend, please let me know. Again very very excited to be part of this team and looking forward to my first Org Mission.

When you’re ready to suit up, here’s the link to the current ADI uniforms: Everything can be purchased at Port Olisar. If you need to help with making credits, just ask folks next time you hop into SC. Never a shortage of people willing to give advice and assistance.

Hello Luther and welcome to ADI, i see you in the verse

Welcome aboard to ADI Luther! See you soon in the Verse! There will be an OP coming soon.

Thank You guys!!! looking forward to my first OP. I would like to start looking into the certs that I need to complete in order to be able to participate fully on our Ops. @Teufelhunden is this something you can point me on the right direction?

I will when the OP is posted or you will see it before I can point it out. But usually they are posted both on Discord and here on the Forums. And even if the list fills up, make sure to join the ready room just in case someone gives up their seat OR can not make it at the last minute.

Also make sure to follow the uniform requirements.

Thank You for the information. I already got my uniform ready. I will keep my eye out for the posting of the OP. The certs is more for me to be able to up to standards with the requirements of ADI for its pilots. I want to make sure I can manage all tasks accordingly and be able to support the team.

Make sure to check out the Calendar link for training dates and the forums for other training opportunities. There is a large training plan in development or on hold but probably will not go active until Gold or just before the game goes Gold (Live Production) or maybe official beta because of the continuous changes (and bugs) in Alpha. So for now, take advantage of any training, OP, and lots of practice like landing either by thrust or pitching or both in atmo.

See I told you! You would see the link to the OP before I could point it to you … LOL. You have some good ships for it too!