Lumasin intro

Hello all my name is David
i am 43 navy vet of 12 years
i live in Montgomery AL
i work as an IT admin
i just came back to star after a 2 year break and been play for a month now.
looking for play to play with and learn the game and getting at flight and other thing.
i have been playing mmo since linage2 , wow, eq2, planter side 1 & 2 , and bunch other


Hey Lumasin, Welcome to ADI! theres alot of Current and Active Duty military here some I’m sure youll fit in great!

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Welcome to ADI, Lumasin!

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Welcome to ADI

Welcome aboard! I used to be a big MMO guy myself. My drug of choice was Old School Runescape.

You’ll fit right in lumasin, welcome to ADI.

Good pick coming here.
A lot of vets help make things run well :+1:

Welcome to ADI! Happy to have you join us!

Welcome to ADI Lumasin, see you around the Verse.

Welcome to ADI! A lot of vets in the org, so you should feel at home.