Low FPS and major drops

Hey there,
I have a big issue that I know is from the fact that the game is in active development, but still it is quite annoying. I’m talking of FPS. I played Star Marine today and got arround 40-60fps. Still, sometimes it got really bad, as I noticed terrible lag spikes that got me all the way to 5 fps for arround 1-2 seconds.
Is there a way to fix this?

Not that I’m aware of. It’s not you causing the drops, it’s the Alpha servers.


Does it happen at a particular time of the day?

Not really! But I’ve found something that helped stabilize FPS. I had wallpaper engine. After deactivating it, I’ve noticed a major improvement!

40-60fps is probably the max you should expect for the foreseeable future. I don’t mess with SM much, but I can speak to the PU. In a populated server in Crusader expect around 25-35 max. All this and the occasional lag spikes are all server side stuff you can’t really change. Hopefully they’ll fix more of the lag spikes down the line but don’t expect any significant increase in max fps. When/if they manage to improve the netcode, I’m guessing they will add more players to an instance. Right now we are at 24, which is far from the goal.