Lost Comms


Hoping someone else has had this problem on Star Citizen or at least would know how to solve it.

I have been unable to establish comms to call for a landing place, which on Arccorp means you are stuck parked on a roof and for other planets means you cannot get in past the elevator doors. Any pointers as its a little frustrating doing a long haul to be stick within a few metres of your delivery drop off.


I encountered the same thing at Port Ollisar the other day. I’m pretty patient but my wait exceeded my tolerance. After several calls for landing clearance I was forced to land on a pad and risk getting a crime stat for illegal parking. I got the verbal warning but no crime stat. Lucky for me.


Unfortunately, yes this is a problem. I have found 2 fixes, one only works half the time. The first is to actually switch to a different MFD and then back to Comms. If that doesn;t work, then you have to try and access the comms in the F11 window under “Contacts” and request landing from there.

Come people have gotten them to work by turning off their ship and then back on, but I have had no luck with this.


I haven’t had any problems with Comms. Now, QT spooling is misaligned.


I encountered a problem landing on Area18 at ArcCorp. There were no “Area 18 Landing Services” on comm list. I don’t know why but I powered off my ship. When I powered it on again, the landing services for A18 was available. Be careful if you try this method on planet, as if you power off your ship, it will start to descent quite fast :wink: .


Yeah, you have to aim slightly “off target” to calibrate and spool.

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Very true Keil!

The Comms problem only appears to be through the MFD, through Mobi, it works fine.

Now today (Friday), there is nothing in most of the shops and ship servicing seems to be not working at all or most locations.