Logo's for shirts question


So I’ve seen the shirts through the link, I was curious if I could get a copy of the logo’s for ADI and the security forces logo so I could get other shirts made, like an embroidered polo? Is there someone I could talk to on this?



Hey Rowland,

So ADI’s trademarks belong to ADI.
And the policy has been that we’re only running with the current teeshirt site for now.

Partly because the (very) modest funds from such items help a bit to pay for Mumble & Discord server, this site, and so on.
And partly because we want to maintain the highest possible quality of anything ADI related.

A Boardmember will chime in here before long with additional follow up, but I wanted to at least offer part of the reasoning.


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We don’t hand out high quality ADI logo’s because in the past people have tried to make money off of the org and those logo’s for their personal gain. Shirt sales make up such a small income stream for ADI (less than $100 for all of 2018), that it’s hard to justify staff time to focus on making more/new shirts for members at this point in time.



Ok I appreciate the replies and can understand, I just saw the SF logo and thought it’d look amazing embroidered on a black pole the I could wear to events. But I’ll just get the T-shirt instead :grin:



With that in mind I would like to express I too would like a nice quality polo/collar shirt with ADI logo for events and streaming videos.
Embroidered polos easily run 50$ though I’ve bought several from k-state for school.



The problem with polo’s is that nobody offers on demand making and shipping of polo’s. So polo’s just aren’t going to happen.

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Well I do appreciate the feed back, thank you both.



Hopefully you’ll see an increase in 2019. I ordered 3 T-shirts about a month ago. I’m looking forward to seeing when they get here. :slight_smile:

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Thanks, but we only make $1-2 per shirt to keep the prices as low as possible.