Logitech keyboard suggestions

Looking for hints on a Logitech Keyboard that would be good for SC and someone with a touch of carpal tunnel syndrome… in other words an ergonomic style keyboard would be fantastic. I use a J-Tec ergonomic mouse and it has been fantastic for my wrist. If it had more buttons and a smaller grip it would almost be a Flight stick. I have a Corsair Keyboard now and though its pretty to look at I am tired of having the iCUE program for it using up so much damn space. Need something leaner/ simpler to use.


PS To those who helped save me last night in game… I saw a shirt today that sums things up very well. " In My Defence… I was left unsupervised…" nuf said and thanks to all of you for making me laugh more than SC makes me cry.

This video here - https://adiclanforum.com/t/comms-plan-v2/26612 has a number of recommended devices linked, including some Logitech one’s.

FIrst off, the only “ergonomic” keyboards that Logitech makes are not mechanical or for gaming. That said the two they make I’m aware of are these two.
The K350 we use a lot of at work (maybe 60 or so in use). I wouldn’t call them the most durable but good enough. They mostly keep up to the heavy use of my bean counters, though I do have to replace 3-6 every year. I don’t know much about the K860, though it costs a lot more and might appeal to the those wanting a flatter key. Both are wireless, I’m not aware of a wired one. I will say their devices using their Unifying receiver are more responsive than equivalent bluetooth though.

There are a few mechanical keyboards listed as “ergonomic” out there, but what I’m seeing are mostly various split keyboards, which I don’t consider the same. They also tend to be brands I never heard of. If a split keyboard is acceptable, you might be better off getting a good 10-keyless mechanical and separate mechanical numpad, and position as you see fit.

Logitech’s most current 10-keyless.

I haven’t found a brand I recognize for the numpads, but they all seem to run $15-30 each, and also popular with my bean counters. If anyone knows one they’d recommend I’d be curious.

I hope this helps.


You might consider a gaming keypad instead of a full Keyboard. I’m using an older Logitech G13, but there are plenty of newer devices that are much better quality and features to fill the same role.

This razer looks pretty ergonomic and all programmable keys. I leave my main keyboard off to the side for the odd command I don’t have mapped but rarely use.


Does the razer software still suck, and is it required to use that?

I have yet to find a Razor that doesn’t have its own issues, and yes you have to use their software as far as I know. I would also be curious to know of any other software that can be used to configure them.