Logitech G910 Faulty keys / double or triple registering

Hi everyone,
I’m posting this here as it’s hard to put up anywhere else and I hope that someone in need may stumble across it. It seems every time I mention this on the Logitech web or Facebook site my post gets mysteriously deleted :confused:

I have a Logitech G910 and I’ve had it for a while now. I love the keys, the lighting and the layout. It’s really natural.
BUT I recently had an issue and it’s the same one that this guy had: https://www.reddit.com/r/LogitechG/comments/aonhdv/g910_keys_not_working_or_doubletripple_registering/

Anyway, I’ve cleaned the PCB board with 96% Ethyl, removing all the white fungus stuff and it’s sorted the issues. The keyboard is relatively easy to take apart and there’s a couple of videos on YouTube that’ll tell you how.

It’s been over a week and I’ve attempted to contact Logitech through every means possible but I’ve had no response. Seems like ‘No comment’.

If anyone has questions regarding this then let me know and I’ll help however I can.

I’ve been using my G910 for over a year and haven’t had that problem…yet.

It is possible it is a manufacture problem, not design, and batches of bad boards went out.

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Yeah, from what I can work out it was coating that they used to cover the board. Seems it wasn’t the only thing affected around the time.

I had one PC where the Logitech keyboard wasn’t behaving correctly with SC. Moving it from a USB2 port to a USB3 port seems to have resolved it. Oddly it worked just fine with every other game I tried from that USB2 port.

You could also try removing and reinstalling the Logitech software.

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A few of my keys broke off and it’s very hard to fix, board should have at least come with some replacement keys

Is it the top plate with the symbol print or the plunger? The plates can be hard to get but sometimes there’s old broken boards going cheap on eBay. If you live in the UK let me know what keys you need I can ask a friend as he has spares. As for the plunger things, it’s a pain but after a couple of times I can now change them quite fast. Just need a soldering iron and a screwdriver

w key , the prongs are trapped in the plunger. from my memory the plunger is a bit less responsive too in a couple places

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Are you UK based and do you have a soldering iron?

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