hello my name is Dominic or limey1402, I recently just got into star citizen, grinding for a retaliator as useless as it may be one maned, I like it so I want it. given my new found love for star citizens, i might as well make new friends and join a loving community.

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Hey there, Limey and welcome to ADI. Yeah, ship acquisitions is an illness. Nay, a pandemic, around here. See ya in the 'verse!

Hi Limey, welcome to ADI.

Welcome to ADI limey1402. I’m glad you joined the team. You’ll find you’re in good company here.

Welcome Limey. Hope to see you in some Org ops, or just in the verse.

Greetings Limey1402, welcome to Star Citizen and welcome to ADI! If you ever need a hand in your quest to grind the retaliator there are a lot of helpful peeps around on mumble! See you in the verse :slight_smile:

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