Launch of YouTube Channel

Hey guys–I know I’m new to the organization, but while we wait for the launch of 2.0, I wanted to share with you all an exciting step in my life. My friends and I just launched a YouTube channel to capture our fun gaming moments. We also like producing machinima. Right now our channel is solely focused on Planetside 2, since that’s what we all play together, but one day I’d like to pivot it towards Star Citizen.

Any support you all can offer in terms of subs, likes, and comments would be greatly appreciated.

Here’s our first offering (initial three launch videos):

I hope to one day make content for Star Citizen/ADI in the same vein. Thanks guys!

Thats great I use to make machinima they are fun I’ll def look yall up

Thanks for the support :slight_smile:

Let us know what you think! We need constructive criticism so we can improve :wink: