Late night flight

Hey guys, i recently got full time work on second shift. i work untill 10:30pm eastern. I get home about 11pm eastern and i am looking for people to fly with in RSI. I hope to see some people there.

That’s usually around the time I’m on too, Corvus. I’d be happy to fly with you. And anyone else that wants to join as well.

Im always a late night owl. I do my best to promote a late night opportunity. viewtopic.php?f=7&t=887&p=2735#p2735

My goal with this, eventually is to be trained by the big boys and hold training nights, late night, for those that cant rock out the normally scheduled days.

CORVUS! DAMMIT! Where are you!?

Hey I would be interested in flying with you guys, I have some experience & would willing to learn as well.
Let me know.


Just need to show up on teamspeak, there are guys flying every night.

Yes Shadow! Get in here! We need some good stick jocks! Im on almost every late night :smiley: