Lack of internet

Greetings guys
It’s been 2 weeks since I arrived at Germany and unfortunately the house that I’m staying in right bowhead no god damn internet connection at all , in other words I’m completely unable to join the meeting or play anything or even check my emails ; it’s been a nightmare trying to do my things and keep up to date ; and the worst part is the uni won’t give me a room until April so there is no guarantee I will have internet for a month .
So I wanted to inform you guys that I won’t be able to do anything until I have a stable internet connection
Please forgive me if I can’t attend any meeting at all but I never expected to stay in a house that is 50 years old and doesn’t have a stable internet .
Fly safe and wish me luck and I will try to contact you guys as soon as I can

No problem and good luck with your interwebs trouble and we hope to see you soon. thanks for letting us know!