Kriegsmeister - Introduction

Hello everybody!

I am yet another new face in the ADI-Organisation. When I found your Organisation I was intrigued by your concept and after being accepted into it I was greeted very friendly which made me eager to get a full place in your Org. I am a german soldier who got into Star Citizen quite early but never really had time to play the game, which will hopefully change in the near future.

I am looking forward to get a full member in the Atlas Defense Industries and get a position, which I fulfill as good as humanly possible!

With kind regards!
Der Kriegsmeister


Welcome Kriegsmister, I’m glad your were greeted in an appropriate manner…something that ADI prides itself on! Be sure to jump into Mumble when you can in order to familiarize yourself with more players and I look forward to gaming with you soon. Again, glad to have you.