Hello, i got an email to join ADI and I saw it was made by people who play/played Arma. I regularly play Arma and I am not “officially” military trained, I have proper knowledge normal civs do not have. I have a lot of hours in Arma. I’m 21 I turn 22 this year.

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Sounds like you’ll fit right in. Welcome to ADI. What ship are you enjoying ATM?

Welcome to ADI! What do you enjoy to do most in SC?

Glad to have you aboard KimgSpectre21, Welcome to ADI. See you in the verse.

im having trouble still installing

im having trouble still installing the game so i haven’t gotten into any ships

:unamused: what’s the issue? Perhaps someone here can point you in the right direction?

Welcome to ADI KingSpectre21, glad to have you in the org. Did you get that install issue resolved?

I am an arma 3 refugee myself. There is a bunch of overlap in our org operations in my experience. Welcome aboard!