Keyboard error 19 msg


Howdy Citizens,
Have a serious problem with my G15 keyboard being inop.
Even the Microsoft (experts) don’t have a fix except WIPE.
Am slowly typing this out with the onscreen keyboard.
It worked fine till last week…don’t recall loading anything.

The device manager gives the error 19 even though when
doing the update it says I have the latest driver, which I know
it isn’t. Another keyboard gives the same results. Going over
the support Boards this is not new, Win7\8 has a registry edit fix.
But Win10 doesn’t have the same commands??
Am running a new Alienware Aurora R7, didn’t have everything
loaded in yet…so no back-up.That will teach me …backup…backup
bloody hell !

Any help or suggestions would be welcome.
Anybody with a solution geta Super Hornet escort for life.

No Prisoners,


A wipe may be the answer, but sounds extreme. If you can save what you need to a different drive it may make it easier. But, just to ask, have you tried reverting to the last Restore Point?


Thanks Jolly,
Had no choice but a restore, was able to save about half of what was on there.
Bloody Windows…clueless btards…don’t know there own crap!
Anyway with the broken shoulder will be awhile till I’m fit for duty again.
Although Mumble/Discord got trashed…will need some help getting those back online
when I can.