Keep cat or get herc...🤔

Curious…I’ve looking at the c2 Hercules and thinking about trading my cat in for it (of course when it is actually finished)

Curious if in doing this, when not trading, if I could also assist ground ops with vehicle, supplies, and troop transport if the org needed it. Given being it’s the C2 version I’d need escorts (but that’s a detail lol)

Wondering how many out there would need help mobilizing ground vehicles? It would help me weigh in on the decision when the time comes :slight_smile:

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That would be nice to have in an org, but yeah, if you got no ground vehicles to transport, it loses a lot of value. I traded in my tank for a ship a while ago and haven’t gottan another ground vehicle in return yet. Though I love that there are quite a few ground vehicles in SC’s lineup. Looking forward to theaters of war.

Mmmmmmmm, Crusader ships are nice…

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The main thing is to buy ships that fits your needs for SC gameplay, the org will always have people that need help one way or another and a great way to assist org members and the org overall in/out of Ops, but how you want to focus on that gameplay is what’s most important to you. I personally have most of the Crusader ships as I love their style and design, also have the C2 and plan to use it for cargo hauling off the side to make money while my main focus will be medical.

Hope this helps in your decision making.

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Yeah I’ve been looking at a lot of ships to fit personal money making needs and support roles for the org. I’d really like to fly the C2 and see if the controls are better than the cat. 100+ more SCU is nice about it too.

I’ve also been looking at the Vulcan…nice little support Swiss army knife there.

I personally never liked the feel of the Cat with the pilot seat off to the left side, where the Hercules Starlifters are centered in the middle. The good thing is you can wait until the Hercules is released as flyable and try out a members ship before making the decision to buy, as of now we do not know when they will be ready.

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Would greatly appreciate the chance to check one out! The look of the herc is really growing on me. I enjoy the cat, it certainly flies better than a max, but I do have issues with it’s cockpit design. At first I thought I would like it because it’s unique, and it’s not awful, but it’s been irritating me more and more lately. Not to mention the inside doesn’t feel…fluid? Feels erratic to me, like a hamster maze. Might not be so bad when they finish the cockpit being that it’s clearly supposed to be a lifeboat, and has a door down below not being used (hoping for a ladder or something to enter/exit)

I’ll echo what others have said. Never concern yourself with what the org needs. I promise we have enough of everything out there to meet any needs. Hell I’m willing to bet we could generate a fleet of Vandul fighters if needed. Get what you want.

As for C2 vs Cat, both are intended for cargo. The C2 carries 624 (currently), the Cat 576 so the C2 is marginally better.

Both can be flown solo and both would need escorts so that is a wash.

The only real difference is the C2 can carry vehicles the Cat can’t and of course cost.

I’d take Fiyero’s advise and wait until the C2 comes out, plenty of members pledged one just ask to borrow and see if you like it…then decide.


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