Kavotos introduction


So i’m new to star citizen, I’ve been following it for donkey’s years, but only just upgraded pc to a playable level (further upgrades planned). Done some flying around in game, (little bit of crashing as well). But looking to join a community to get deeper into the game.

Recently I’ve also been playing some squad, a bit of Tarkov and a tiny bit of elite dangerous. I’d describe my ability level as: sometimes survives. I grew up on x wing, freespace 2 and freelancer though don’t claim any talent/ability (see crashes).

Rl i’m from the u.k. enjoy gaming and a bit of diy/woodworking.


I’m glad you picked ADI and I’m happy to be doing your onboarding.

Hi Kavotos, welcome to ADI. I’m from the UK too. There’s lots to do in SC, and almost all of it (piracy excluded) is covered by ADI. Make sure you ask any questions you have either in Mumble or the Forums, and there’s lots of us who crash on regular occasions, so no worries there.

Hi Kavotos, Welcome to ADI and Star Citizen. If you have any questions about the game just as in mumble or discord we have plenty of players who can help.

Hey welcome to the team. I play a lot of the same games as well. Space Sims have been in my heart since privateer. Wc4. Freelancer. And elite dangerous along with near 4k hours in eve online. I’m fairly talented at teaching and nearly An ace pilot by most standards. I’ll be around enjoy SC and if your curious about a ship feel free to ask around.

Hello @Kavotos . I followed the game for about 2 years before I finally got a PC that was acceptable enough to play. Crashes and explosions do tend to happen now and then. I havent been playing much of anything else since I got into this Org. Flying with this group really makes a big difference in the dynamics of this game., you are looking for a good group of people to get you into the game you have come to the right place.

Glad to have you aboard with us @Kavotos. You’ve picked the best place to call home in the Verse.

Welcome to ADI Kavotos. I’m glad you joined the team. I’m a huge Freelancer (game) fan. I play in every couple years just so I don’t lose touch. And of course that was my first ship in SC. I look forward to seeing you in game.

Thank you all for the great welcome, looking forward to getting involved and learning as much as i can!

Hello Kavotos,welcome in the team and thanks for joining atlas. See you in the verse.

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