Hey guys, new recruit here

Greatly welcome to ADI KaneVercingetorix!

Hey Kane!

Saw you come on yesterday, glad you found your way around! Hope to get in game with you soon and welcome to ADI!


Welcome to the family Kane!

Hello Kane,

welcome on board. take a seat, join us in mumble and discord, have fun.
See you soon in the verse.

Hi Kane,

was nice to fly with you yesterday during casual flight, hope to see you soon again for the next mission


Welcome KaneVercingetorix,

Glad you could join us. Be sure to hop on mumble. I look forward to seeing you around. Hopefully you feel welcomed and get to know some people. ADI is an awesome place to be!

KaneVercingetorix, Welcome to ADI

I hope to see you in the PU or even flight night with the rest of the crew.

Silverstash out.

Hi KaneVercingetorix,
Welcome to ADI!