You know, videos are a wonderful thing. Shows you how things look, move, etc. Nothing prepared me for the level of detail that I just saw, my first time entering the game. To be objective, yes, there is more that isn’t finished than is. A lot more. But what is finished is absolutely stunning. It also reflects the level of commitment of the development team(s) to continue this way.

So finding my way easily to the Hanger Bays (thanks Morphologis…again (AREA 18 of course)), getting familiar with the multitude of controls and trying to take in all the visuals was…is…almost overwhelming. Not often I’m at a loss for words, but I have to say, this is way way beyond what I’d even prepped for. My hand was literally shaking when I brought up my Nomad into the bay for pre inspection. If what I’d seen was any indication…and I wasn’t disappointed. The opposite in fact. Where the detail everywhere I’d walked, the interactions with the vending areas had been fantastic, the ship detail blew me away. Musta look awful silly sitting here, my jaw hanging open, just gawking at something that was so exquisite. And then I got in. Just…wow!
So of course, after a thorough investigation of the Nomad, it was on to the Cutlass Red and finally the Freelancer Max. And that is where I have spent the last hour or so…self indulging on my ships. Suppose I should probably learn how to fly them :slight_smile: but prior to that, I bought a brand new HOTAS I have to install and figure out and I’ve got to, got to, get mumble installed, cause damn, I am definitely gonna need some assistance.

Couple of quick (hopefully) questions: With Hangers removed, how do you modify your ships? Access your paint schemes and armor. Load ROCS?
Also, I seem to have two extra ships in my Hanger list for selection…an Avril Arrow and a RSI Aurora MR…have no idea how or why they are there. I didn’t buy them.

Okay onto headset installation and mumble download…hopefully talk to y’all soon.


Hi Dagger,
To modify your ship - press F2 then click the ship tab along the bottom. Select your ship from the dropdown menu then you’ll be able to access the components.
For a ROC you’ll have to spawn the ship then fly to a planet with a mining station. You’ll be able o spawn the land vehicle there before loading on to your ship.
I’ve no idea why you have extra ships atm but if you’re in PTU rather than PU then it might be for testing.

Less carefully now than when they were little tanks that could blow off parts of your ship if you bumped them too hard. :rofl: If you tap F4 for external view and then hold the Z key you can use your mouse to rotate the view - helpful for getting a rear facing look if you want to back it into the Nomad or Red (it will fit in the Red, just barely, if you back it in - forward there’s not enough room to get yourself out). Max can fit 2, IIRC. At a HDMS or Mining Facility look for a building with two small pads and a ‘Platinum Bay’ sign (blue/gold I think); that’s where you spawn ground vehicles.

Fantastic, thank you. Both

Welcome, and glad you are enjoying your first look in game. As mentioned, ship loadouts are handled through the ship tab in your mobiglass. Same with your personal loadout for armour and weapons, use the person tab. F1 will open mobiglass to main page, which will show your basic stats and how rich (or not) you are, F2 will open the starmap tab in the mobiglass, and F11 will open the comms tab. Any one of those work, and you can use the tabs at the bottom to get to all the other functions. Take some time and flip through it all and see what it can offer, as most things can be accessed somewhere in there.

For the extra ships you have, check this. Loaner ships are provided when an owned ship doesn’t meet the needs of Arena Commander, or is not yet in game. And if that doesn’t solve it, at least enjoy them while you have them. Arrow is a fun little fighter, and even the Aurora is a very capable ship. Loaner Ship Matrix – Roberts Space Industries Knowledge Base

Okay I’ll be the first to admit it…I have a sickness. I could try to point fingers, but inevitably it would come right back on me.

I no longer have the Freelancer and I was sorry to see her go, but she’s in a better place now. Encapsulated into my brand new C2 Hercules. But my friends, having come down with the sickness (yes, I am a Disturbed fan) it quickly became apparent to me that having discovered the secret location within 3.14 and put on alert by an ADI member that they would in fact return…I bought the M2 as well.

I mean come on, can you blame me? That has to be one of, if not the, simultaneously sexy with a wicked don’t mess with me vibe Starship that I have ever seen (think Buck Rogers reruns). Add it’s
distinctive practicality and it was a no brainer. Resistance, as it turns out, was futile. But oh how sweet.

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