Just Saying Hi - Application Tomorrow

Hey everyone!

I got a message in SC from Hav0k earlier this evening inviting me to apply and after some (okay a LOT) of reading on this site and ADI I’ve decided it’s a great opportunity for me and I look forward to joining. Oh and you’ll be getting me, I’m an awesome catch!

This is gonna be super short and sweet, just a hello pretty much, but I will reply to anything tomorrow through my phone.

Quick blurb about me: I’m 30, Male and I live in British Columbia, Canada. I’m in the Royal Canadian Navy and I’m a nice guy… (Canadian joke?)

Tomorrow I’ll be filling out the application and I’ll also jump on Mumble to say hello.

Thank you,

Deadshot Omega

Welcome Omega! Looking forward to having you on board.


Oh and just so people know, my Community Moniker is D1g1t4lM0nk3y for both RSI and Reddit. I figured I’d keep those the same and then use my Handle here.

Say hi on Reddit too if you want, I’m just getting started (finally) with SC so I’ve been going everywhere online to try and catch up. I suppose that’s the biggest downside of being in the Navy, sailing sometimes weeks or months on end. But I’m ashore now for a while (I hope) and I look forward to getting out between the stars.


Welcome, Deadshot. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to approach any of the Directors. Even the Board Members such as myself, EndGame or JayC. We’re never too busy for our members. :slight_smile:

I should be on Mumble later tonight.