Just Joined

Hello fellow citizens.
I am new to ADI and so excited to fly with you ladies and gents.
I am interested in mining, salvaging, and flying capital ships. Not a good dog fighter.
I will see you in the verse.

Welcome to ADI Shysilence. Nice talking to you this morning. Looking forward to flying with you.

welcome Shysilence, was good to sit in on your onboarding. glad to meet another miner. once you get set up in 3.0 would be happy to fly with you.

Hi Shysilence, a big welcome to you. I joined fleet security and next to that look for trade and “reclaimer-ing” :wink: after the battle. You can’t leave space polluted can you.

So much to do :wink:

Looking forward to fly together,


Welcome Aboard Shysilence!

Always good to have more miners to protect :smiley: I am Lexton, one of your resident prospects and part of the Fleet Security Division. If you have any questions about the Organization, Star Citizen or even Technical Advise you might need. Feel free to PM me here on the Forums.

Again, Welcome to Atlas Defense Industries!