Just joined up

Hello all I will be on tonight I just joined up look forward to working with you all :slight_smile:

Hello Deadwake and welcome to ADI.

Looking forward to seeing you on tonight and getting you onboarded. Once that’s all done, we can get you introduced to everyone and start gaming together.

While we’re waiting for Star Citizen to grow and eventually release, we’re also playing quite a few other games. By all means, feel free to hop in with us in any of those games and hang out with the crew.

See you tonight!

Hey there Deadwake - welcome to the ADI community!

When you get a moment (and as Terraphon mentioned) try to hop onto our mumble server when you get a moment - its a good place to get to know our more active members and staff as well as get some game time in with other players. While you are there, talk to a staff member (denoted by a |T| |AD| or {D} prefix to their names) about completing your onboarding process - doing this will give you access to the member only forums as well as our discord services.

If you have any questions while you are here, don’t hesitate to reach out and ask one of us - we will do our best to get you the answers you are looking for.

Anyway - welcome again to the community - I look forward to gaming with you!

Hello Deadwake. Welcome to ADI! :slight_smile:

Welcome @Deadwake!!

Welcome Deadwake, glad to have you!

Hey Deadwake,

Glad to have another new member! We’re very glad to have you and can’t wait to get some game time in and help you meet some of our community. Once you’re situated, continue to hop in Mumble in order to better familiarize yourself with a few of our many members. It looks like Terraphon mentioned some of the other games ADI supports, so we hope to see you on those if you need a break from SC. Hopefully we’ll get some flight time in together at our SC Friday night flight nights if you can make them. Once again, welcome to ADI…we’re happy to have you as part of the family! Let us know if you have any questions.