Just got Here

I am still trying to be familiar with this forum, it is so nice to be a part of this community.

Welcome to ADI glad to have you here. Have a look around there is a ton of good info on the forums.

Hi heymargaux,

Welcome to ADI. Are you interested any any specific divisions? Hop in Mumble when you have a chance and get to know people. Hope to talk to you soon.

Hey margaux,

It’s great to see you on the forums. ADI is a great part of the star citizen community. Just this last weekend we ran a few missions for the org, where small groups of players got together to run a simple mission, like cargo, escorting, rovering, or others.

I hope to see you soon in mumble!

Talk soon.

Welcome to ADI heymargaux! We are definitely a very active community. It is amazing how fun things get once you have people to play with. We play lots more than just SC, too. Get on mumble and meet the rest of the crew. See you around!

Welcomed ADI. Always feel free to jump in mumble there’s always people around chatting or playing games. Feel free to look me up I’m always down the fly.

Welcome Heymargaux! If you have any questions about ADI or SC please don’t hesitate to let us know. PMs are welcomed here and in Discord. Be sure to hop on our Mumble server to meet some of us and get your onboarding. Directions to our Mumble can be found here: