Jatsix, here..

Jatsix here.
Played many a FPS; ARMA 3 being the most and most recent.
Also always been a fan of Flight Simulations and space travel (No surprise I ended up here XD)
Would like to serve an interesting role on a larger ship, not withholding combat (vessel security seems appealing). Didn’t have high expectations for such a young game but seeing this org makes me reevaluate.
See you guys in the 'verse!!

Hey Jatsix, welcome to ADI. Good to have you onboard. :slight_smile:

Welcome Jatsix,

glad to have you on board, and also glad that ADI has helped you reevaluate SC and our way of how we’re planning on playing it once it arrives in full force! Be sure to hop in Mumble from time to time in order to help familiarize yourself with many of the other members within ADI…it helps. Hope to see you at the next Friday night flight night, and welcome once again.