Jason_Dreamchaser Introduction

Hello everyone! I am known to most if not all by the name Jason. I am rather glad to be a part of this organization and am very excited to make new friends and long time memories. Always glad to get into all sort of shenanigans in Star Citizen but I can also be rather serious about my gameplay. Don’t get discouraged if I don’t take to you right away, I am a bit of an introvert. Hopefully I can create some great friendships in this org and some great times!

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Heya Jason. Welcome mate. You were my first per-onboarding, you will always be special to me. :slight_smile:

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Welcome to ADI Jason. You’re one of many introverts here so dig into the forums, join in the play, research your certifications, sign up for ADI’s training and salvage events, and have a great time.

Welcome to ADI

We are a great organization to play and learn with. As you become more comfortable with the folks in the org there are scheduled events available on the calendar and the chat rooms are always a great place to look for random “shenanigans” to take part in. Welcome aboard and see you in the verse.

Welcome to ADI Jason!

Glad to have you aboard Jason! Welcome to ADI!

Welcome to ADI Jason!

If you need any help settling into ADI let us know!

See you out in the 'verse! Fly safe o7

Welcome to ADI! See you around the 'Verse soon.

Hi Jason, and welcome aboard!
You’ll find everything you’re looking for here in ADI and even more, 100% sure about that.
and…tell me about being the one who talks the bare minimum that is necessary! :stuck_out_tongue:
See you in the 'verse o7

o7 a great place for us introverts here, see you in the verse.

Greetings Jason!

Welcome to ADI! Introverts unit! Looking forward to seeing you around.


Welcome to the Org! Very glad to have you with us :slight_smile:

Welcome! cant wait to meet n fly with ya!