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So, I haven’t been playing or following Star Citizen for a while because real life happens.

I logged in and updated the launcher. For the next few hours here’s what I observed:

  1. One crash to desktop
  2. I haven’t been able to complete even one mission because:
  3. On bounties/patrol missions, enemies don’t show up even though the NPC voiceover says enemies inbound, so mission can’t be completed.
  4. On cargo delivery missions, the cargo bay on the Andromeda doesn’t work (cargo bay can be lowered but not raised- WTF and I couldn’t get on the elevator with the box of medical cargo (Ling Delivery) because magically you can’t board or place the cargo on the elevator with you),
  5. Enemies basically just rush head-on and just ram you. It’s annoying and unsophisticated. It’s the same dumb AI the original Wing Commander had.
  6. Using a Hornet, I couldn’t kill the invincible sensor collecting illegal data. I just kept shooting it for about 5 minutes to no avail. Also, apparently the Hornet is an X-Wing- if you are close to a target, you can actually shoot past it, not hitting anything.

I can’t say I’m very impressed. I have a pretty fast CPU and graphics card and the graphics were still chugging, and the audio kept cutting in and out on Stanton Station.

Yes, it’s an alpha, but these bugs just don’t compel me to play more.

Am I wrong? What’s everyone else’s experience?



Sad to hear you had those problems.
There are some problems but it seems like it is more if you get a bad server.
When I play the game it runs pretty smooth so I can’t say that I have seen those problems you had.

What is your PC build and are you using HHD, M.2 or NVMe drives?



Not sure. I’m using Nvidia control panel. How can I find that out?



I am not a tech guy just wanted to see your system when you said it was good.
What GPU do you have?

Don’t you know what harddrive or SSD you have in your PC?

By the way I will say the best way to get help is by joining our Mumble server and talk with people.



Different builds and servers have good and bad days. I know I have had some very frustrating CTDs.



What GPU are you using?

To determine what Nividia card you have, right click on your desktop and open the Nividia control panel.

Click Help then System Information. The card info will be on the left side of the window that pops up.



Thanks. I’m using the GeForce GTX 1070.



That card should be fine. RAM and CPU are the same as mine. An SSD is recommended by CIG, but shouldn’t be required.

Are you deleting your USER folder after each patch? Not doing so can result on crash at start-up or graphics bugs in game.

As for the missions being dorked, that happens, but not at that rate.



Is it enemy AI ramming you or players with much faster systems and direct fiber connections? The game is still in alpha and still has plenty of room for performance and synchronization improvements. Or it may simply be who ever has the fastest system and connection, wins.

Although, I have to admit I am glad I was ran over last night. It cleared my severe crime status … LOL



Enemy AI is just ramming me. Sometimes I can empty an entire volley until weapons overheat and nothing penetrates shields. Shrug.



I read later from RSI Forums or another source that AI is the problem. Oh well, the game is still in Alpha.

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General rule of thumb right now sturm is not to get closer then 500M to something just becuase of desync issues AI will manouver and try to find you to shoot you but when you get to close they may drift right into you and that actually sounds like your expirenced the ESP problem not so much enemies ramming you BUT ESP is supposed to help with targeting but all it does it lock your aim onto a ship and at close distances you cant break out from the ESP lock and you will ram things try disabling that and see if you are still ramming things

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I am upgrading my rig as cheaply but as efficiently as possible to help mitigate desynch which I know is not 100% because the servers and the big I are part of the problem. And have already seen improvement. Tonight, I may make another improvement.



Thanks. Yes, I have kept distance and it has worked better. Will sign up for some basic piloting classes too to improve.



Any time you want some flight basics training just let me know send me a pm on discord and we can set something up for you



I run the game at 2560 x 1440 and it runs much better that way. I’m assuming your have a UHD monitor… I have a Preadator UHD and tried to run SC at 3840 x 2160 and it was choppy too. My rig is a I9900k, 64 GB DDR4 @ 3300, with 2 GTX 1080 Ti’s in SLI… I feel your pain :slight_smile:

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The flight mechanics and flight AI are due for big changes, and turn off ESP as it is broken right now and drags your ship into others.



Ok I admitted I was not a Star Citizen expert before becoming a Staff Prospect so … what is ESP and how do you turn it off, settings or is on the ship itself?



ESP = Enhanced Stick Precision…its kind of like an Auto-aim of sort, but what it does is “slows down” your stick/controls when you are around a target to help you aim. Currently its more limiting than helping (personal opinion) so I have been turning it off by default.

If left alone it slowly aims you towards the middle of the target so if you are targetting something you dont necessarly want to be behind (for example you are flying in formation and have your flightlead on target or if you are targetting a ship that you a providing escort for, you’ll need to constantly readjust because the ESP will make you aim towards the ship instead of keeping a straight tragectory beside it.

You can turn it off with a keybind, you can find it under the keybinds ingame.

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Hi Sturmjaeger,

Sorry that I’m replying so late but I saw your post and thought this link might be of some help. The servers are hit or miss depending on how many players are in and what they’re doing at the time, also depends on the patch you’re playing. Some days I have great fun and nothing goes wrong, other days it’s literally unplayable. All goes with playing an alpha I’m afraid. 3.5 is imminent at the time of this reply so maybe your issues will disappear with the new patch.

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