IR tracker recommendations

HI folks,
I searched and did not see any topic fitting this question. So , I am looking for suggestions on a decent low budget IR tracker I can mount on my system. I have a regular flat screen and one curios 3 year old cat.


Wouldn’t call it cheap, but you can get a TrackIR 5 with pro-clip (power clip as opposed to reflectors) for $170.

May want to check out toobie…might be cheaper.


And if you want a wireless head tracker, this is a good device. I currently use it.

I made my own a while back. I bought an old PlayStation camera and a floppy dick then cut out the disk from the floppy and stuck it over the front of the Playstation camera. It works perfectly for blocking out all but IR light.
I then had a mate 3d print a headset and I soldered on some IR led’s. There’s a couple of programs that I then downloaded to make it work. The whole thing cost me about £20 (including the camera mount and worked perfectly.
First hit I got on google: DIY IR Tracking Device Tutorial Part 1| Hacking the PS3 Eye - YouTube but there’s no need at all to take the camera apart to apply the filter.

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My TrackIR 5 set-up is wireless. However…I believe @Nomedias has one much better than mine.

I have had the TrackIR 5 for years and liked it, it works well. However it requires you to wear either a reflector or an active emitter for the sensor to read. I now use the Tobii 5 eyetracker. Functionally it’s very similar except you don’t have to wear anything, so it’s wireless by default. Isn’t bothered by eyeglasses. The stated monitor support sizes are 27" for 16x9 and 30" for 21x9. My main screen is a larger-than-recommended 34" 21x9 and I haven’t found any issues at that size.

It’s a bit more expensive but regularly goes on discount. There’s no cords to trip on, nothing additional to be worn, nothing to forget to charge.

Thank you all.

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