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Dear Members of the ADI

My name is Malgosh and I just got an Invitation from you. Besides you, I got many more invites and wanted to check you guys out, before I accept or decline. But first let me introduce myself and tell you a little bit more about me.

My name ist Malgosh and I am 26 years old, married and a studend at the universety of economics and business management of Zürich in Switzerland. I played SC before but never really often, since my PC was a steaming piece of garbage. However, a few weeks ago I got myself a new rig and am now able to play to my hearts content. I am a proud owner of a Connie Andromeda, an Aegis Gladius, an Aegis Avanger Stalker, a F7C Hornet and a P-52 Merlin.
I am more of a casual gamer since my studies and my wife and family means everything to me. If I would join you guys, I don’t want to be forced to do something I don’t really want or enjoy. I talk a lot, make dumb “Knock-Knock-Jokes”, I am sarcastic as hell and sometimes even a little bit angry.

Experience and Playstile:
I am a veteran of all kind of MMO’s. From the Vanilla WoW until the Final Fantasy Stormblood, I played them all. I was a guild leader of many more or less succsessful guilds during that time. I was a high ranking officer in the guilds Crusader on the Proudmoore server in WoW, the number 2 raid guild on the server.
I have a lot of FPS experience, since I played tons of Battlefield. I am a decent shooter and warrior on foot, but a terrible pilot. However, my tactical experience makes me a good soldier. I used to server in the Swiss army as a Leutenant of the Kompany 5/1 of the 37 logistic battalion, so I have real live military experience.

What am I looking for?
As an economy student I want to make tons of money in the verse of course and then buy a bunch of hookers, ships and weapons. At the start of 3.0 I would love to start in the honorfull business of smuggeling. My Connie Andromeda (The Bloody Mary) is going to serve me well in this purpose.
As soon as I grow tired of tradeing, there is going to be a job at the nearest bounty hunter station waiting for me. My loyal Aegis Gladius (The Shrew) is going to be more than happy to shoot a few holes into some ships.
But never forgett something: If I want to spend time with my family, there is nothing who can stop me. If you can’t live with that, the talk is already over.

What do you get?
You get a decent fighter that can handle himsel on the ground and in any ground vehicle I can get my hands on. As a gunner in a multycrew ship I am going to make a good figure as well. A trader and a man with tactical understanding and an economical logic is waiting for you, if we can come to an agreement.

Thanks for your time whoever this is reading.

Kind regards

Hi Malgosh,

Thank you for taking the time to introduce yourself, the best way to check us out is probably to spend some time on Mumble talking with one of the staff members about us as an organization. I have to say, based on your background, I think you’ll have a great time in ADI. Always nice to remove our steaming pieces of garbage for shiny new toys, I had a similar story when I finally began to become more active in Star Citizen.

I’d love to get out to Zurich, recently my work has a new opportunity but I think my family situation will keep me in the states. I’m a finance graduate myself and work in the healthcare sector, never thought I’d end up here (always thought investment business) but it’s actually quite a great industry.

I hear you on the ground and pound - historically I was a competitive FPS gamer but as I’ve grown a bit older (I’m not old, to be clear) I’ve been a lot more casual and focused on fun and found ADI to be a great place to have fun, hang out with solid gamers, and an organization that really understands ‘real life first’ as a rule.

Hope to see you on Mumble soon :slight_smile: Feel free to message me here or on Spectrum if you’d like to have a longer and more personal dialog.