Hello all, Infidel13 here. I’m prior military and have watched Star citizen for awhile now, and finally am joining an organization. Really looking forward to meeting new people and being with fellow Veterans.

Welcome to ADI

Welcome to the org! you’ll feel right at home we have a couple ex-military in here :wink:

Hey Infidel13,
Sounds like you’ve found the right spot. I hope you’ll find ADI worthy of your expectations. I’ll see you around the verse!

Heylo Infidel13! Welcome to ADI. Sounds like you will fit in well with the rest of us.

Welcome to ADI :slight_smile:

Think you will fit right in and lots of veterans here. (I am not one)

Welcome, Infidel13!

ADI is a great fit for ex-military and alike, strong chain of command, disciplined chat on ops, and most importantly a great community of like minded citizens. What part of ADI are you joining?

Look forward to meeting you in the verse!

Hello Infidel13,

Welcome to ADI. Nice you join our org.
ADI is a great place for meeting new ppl with military experience and other gamers from all kind. I m happy to welcome you in ADI and hope you will find new wingmen around the corner.
Discord and mumble are good friends for communication. Feel free to join us there when you have any questions

See you here and around the verse.

Hey, Infidel13! Welcome to the org. You are in good company here. Lots of former military and veteran followers of the game. See you around!

Welcome to ADI, Thank you for your service!! This is going to be an amazing game (and it’s pretty fun already).