Good evening fellow Corp members,

I wanted to extend my thanks for granting my membership to the corporation. I currently have a Gladius in the hangar and am kicking myself for missing the Retaliator. I’m a mature player who is currently an active military member. although I’m not a pilot in real life my real world callsign is Trouter (long story) and we may as well use it here. My main focus in game is deep space exploration with a focus on armed diplomacy and exploration fleet security. I look forward to meeting more of you as the months progress and getting our strategic foothold well in place prior to launch. Now the only thing to do is decide between a Constellation Aquila and a Vanguard.


Callsign Trouter

Welcome aboard Onryo. If you’d like to go by trouter, we can get your account changed over to that. We try to keep names consistent across the board wherever we can. As far as choice of ship goes, the Vanguard looks like its gonna have a bit more firepower while the Aquila is going to be a bit more multi purpose rather than military heavy fighter exclusively. You also have the benefit of LTI (Lifetime Insurance) on the Vanguard, which adds quite a bit to the value of the ship. Feel free to talk to me in mumble if you have any questions about it.

Again, welcome to ADI and I hope to see you in mumble and get to know you.


Welcome aboard Onryo!

Thanks guys I’ve been beyond busy of late at the office but its on the to do list. Ref Trouter probably a good idea for consistancy. As soon as the act of dog on my mic has been resolved I will swing by Mumble.