Introductions Sev1138

Hello my name is Eli I am from Canby OR I am new to star citizen. I hope to be a helpful and fun member of the team and I look forward to flying with you all

Hi Sev,

Welcome to ADI, It was great talking with you today, and I am looking forward to flying with you. If you have any questions feel free to reach out.

Greetings Sev1138, welcome to ADI! What aspects of the game have you found most interesting so far? Do you know what profession(s) you might be interested in learning? If you have any questions please let any of us with blue names know. PMs are welcomed here and in Discord. Glad to have you on the team!

Welcome to ADI, I saw you last night in mumble that’s great always feel free to join up ask questions. Look me up on discord or mumble if you need anything and I’m always down the fly.

Hey Eli! Welcome to ADI! I hope you are a social person because there is usually lots of conversation happening on mumble and discord. If you want to learn more about the org, you can check out the forums, too. If you see me around, say hi. See you in the game!

Hey Sev and welcome to ADI!

Hey :slight_smile:

We are fun, and exciting. Though depends on what can be considered fun and exciting.

Welcome to ADI :slight_smile:



Welcome to ADI :smiley:
I look forward to meeting you as well, and good flying to you too.

Glad to have you in the org Sev. Ask questions, and read the posts… see you in the verse

Hey Sev!

Welcome to the organisation. Looked forward to seeing you on Mumble and join us in the persistent universe or in our member channels. Maybe you might fight others who share similar interest as yours and can join them :stuck_out_tongue:

Enjoy being with us in ADI