Introductions - Meroka

Hello Everyone,

I recently got Star Citizen and I was sent a email invite to ADI. I’ll be honest I’ve got alot to learn being new to Star Citizen and all but I’m ready to give it my all! I play games like csgo, overwatch, and world of warcraft. I’ve wanted to get into a game like star citizen for awhile and i’m very excited to delve deep into this universe!

I game every day and am willing to play anytime (Except for when im working) and I am in Washington State

Hope to see you all soon,


Welcome to ADI, Meroka! If you’re just getting started with Star Citizen, this is a great place to learn more and make some more gaming buddies. There is just about always someone online. Of course, we also play lots of other stuff to keeps things interesting until this game comes out and all of our lives get nuked. See you around!

Hi Meroka,

Welcome to ADI. We usually have people playing SC every night in Mumble. If you have any questions or want to try out any ships feel free to reach out. Hope to get a chance to talk with you soon.

Hello Meroka,

Welcome to ADI. We always appreciate new members with their experience in game. As you meant in your intro, I see a new member with good skills in combat like for our marines troops. What division have you joined ? Anyway you are always free to play and choose your game style.
See you soon around here and the verse.

Hey Meroka!

It was nice showing you some of the ropes last night. I think you’ll be a great addition to the team. Practice makes perfect with your flying, but you’ll get it. Welcome to ADI. I’ll see you around I am sure.

Welcome Meroka!

Although I don’t play any of those games if you’re looking for a mate im usually on in the afternoon! See you out in the future.

Hello Meroka, glad to have you with ADI, and glad you can play star citizen, if you have any questions on anything let us know and we be gladly to help you out anyways we see you in the verse :smiley:

Welcome to ADI Meroka, its a good time to be able to play a lot of good stuff is on its way and will start to make the game more and more interesting!

Welcome to ADI Meroka If u need help with anything just ask

Howdy Meroka, and welcome to ADI! As an org, we pretty much cover the globe so should not be a problem finding someone online. Looking forward to seeing you in the verse.

Welcome Meroka,

good to have you. I’m sure you will have much fun here :slight_smile:

Welcome to ADI Meroka,

Glad to have you here, make sure you stop by the mumble in the evenings we almost always have something going on! I’ll see you soon in the 'verse!