Introductions - JeffJack

Hello All,

Firstly, contrary to my handle, my name is Jack actually.
I’m new to star citizen, and through the introduction from a friend (IMONSTER), and member of ADI too. He has sold the idea of taking a step into this new and stunning game!
I’m really keen to meet new people here, and explore this game through a great community. Wonder if i’ll meet all 7000 of you!

See you out there!


Welcome Jack. I see your handle and moniker matches and you are only a member of ADI, which is often an issue with new members, but not for you. So thank you for that.

I’m sure you already know this, but follow the step listed here and we will see you on mumble.

Welcome to the Org. I’m glad you decided to join, and learn the game with us. Delivery missions are a great way to tour the locations in Stantion.

Welcome to ADI

Welcome to ADI! Look forward to seeing you around the 'verse!

Welcome to ADI JeffJack. See you in the verse.

Welcome to ADI Jack. Certainly, a ton of great folks to meet. See you on mumble

Welcome aboard! Hope to see you in Mumble soon!