Introductions from micmou

Howdy there I am micmou I am a long time gamer playing many many games on many different platforms. I am working on becoming a gun smith following in my grandfather and great-grandfathers footsteps. As a consequence of that sometime I have nearly unlimited play time and some times I have barely enough time to think. I currently work as a barrel smith so I have large amounts of empty spaces in my schedule and keep a akward sleep schedule which is sometimes annoying.

Some things to know about me I am adamantly stubborn in many areas. Sometime leads to some conflict with others but I don’t go out of my way to cause problems with others.

There are things that I like very few things for instance I refuse to put minimalist competition crap on any of the guns I use for competitive shooting my main rifle I use for PRS has a standard stock and my AR has a UBR instead of some carbon fiber bs.

I have probably over shared in some area and under shared in others so go ahead and ask questions or whatever you wish.

Howdy micmou, and welcome to ADI! Gunsmith, eh? Cool. Nice chatting with you, and hope to see you in the verse.

Welcome to ADI Micmou :slight_smile:

Awesome to see you join so fast. Sorry for scaring you on the live chat but it is good to feel alive from time to time.

I know you are new to Star Citizen and space-sim so hop on our Mumble and discord to find people to talk and fly with. They are also really helpful and can answer mostly any questions you have.

See you in the Verse!

Welcome to the ADI team micmou. I’ve been lucky enough to be friends with 3 smiths; all superb in their craft. My shooting was mostly handgun; IPSC, PPC, ISU but have spent some significant time behind rifle sights too. I’m glad you’ve joined us. There’s lot of good people here who are more than just helpful if you need advise, or a partner or a CAP. See you around the verse.

Welcome aboard micmou, glad to have you here at ADI! Hope to see you soon here with us in the 'verse!

Hey there, Mic! Welcome to ADI! You will find there are a lot of people here that share your interests! You should be right at home! See you in the Verse!

Hey there Micmou, welcome to the crew. It’s pretty cool that you’re into gun smithing. I’ve always had interest in that sort of stuff. Glad to have you with us.

Welcome Micmou, See you in the verse. and we always understand about busy schedules but we are glad to have you abroad.

Hello Micmou and welcome to Atlas Defense Industries! No worries about the alternating sleep and work schedule as theres likely to be someone from ADI on at all hours of the day/night. Gunsmithing seems an interesting profession and a rewarding one!

Welcome to ADI Micmou! It was a pleasure flying with you this evening, and I hope to see you often in the verse.

Welcome to the org Micmou =D, glad to have you with us and i see you in the verse

Welcome to ADI, micmou! interesting career, must be rewarding seeing your hard work come to life. Which division are you most interested in joining?

Hello Miccou! and welcome.

Thank you for the honest and open intro. I might be contacting for some advice from your experience soon, since we seem to have similar interests outside of SC.

Welcome aboard, good seeing you at Marine cert the other night.

welcome to org micmou its neat to have a gunsmith in our ranks I have a few friends that are blacksmit’s but can
t say i’ve ever met a gun smith, hope to see you in the verse

Welcome to ADI, micmou! What an awesome profession. I am going to be looking for one for in-game weapons recommendations, eventually. Glad to have you onboard. See you around.

Thanks for all the warm welcomes yall sorry I haven’t replied new years with some friends and all. If any of you have further questions I am pretty much an open book

Greetings @micmou,

I'm hlad you've chosen to join us. Playing with a group is the best way to experience everything Star Citizen has to offer. See you around the verse!