Introductions: Cachow

Hello everyone! I go by Cachow, not much to the name just a fun saying I thought would fit all my online accounts. I am a firefighter working my way up the ranks. During my off time I like to game and relax. I have been intrigued in Star Citizen and now that I finally got a PC capable I decided to get it. I am very fresh into this so I am not sure what type of certs I would want to build but I do want to try it all till I find my hitch. I hope to be able to explore the galaxy with you all soon.

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Welcome Cachow! Thank you for being one of the brave people fighting fires. What ship do you have in SC?

As of right now I have a Aurora MR and a Avenger Stalker.

Well, the avenger is a lot better than the aurora, for sure. What have you found interesting in game so far?

Hey Cachow. welcome to the org. See you on Mumble and in the Verse.

Hi Cacshow, this is a great org and there’s always people in mumble and the verse doing stuff so you’ll find what you like doing in no time. Welcome to ADI.

Welcome to ADI Cachow. I’m glad you joined the team. I look forward to putting out a few fires out with you in the game.

Hey there, Cachow! Welcome to the Team. I used to be a Paramedic; thanks for what you do. What kinds of things are you interested in in the 'Verse?