Introductions - Amnimatrix

Hello everyone, thank you for the invite. I started playing recently and am aiming to make new friends and learn the ropes

I am an avid gamer with a love for space and interaction. I have been gaming since I was a wee lad and loved games like WoW and Eve online.

I am interested in a quality team based gaming experience and social development while also having fun and making friends. I have lots of free time and am very willing to learn and help out. I may take a little bit to learn the ropes but I am up for the effort and commitment.

Welcome aboard Amnimatrix! Glad to have you with us.

Welcome! Glad to have you onboard. Definitely sign up for any of the trainings we offer and you’ll see the good experiences we facilitate.

Welcome to the Org Aminmatrix!

Hey & welcome to ADI.