Greetings citizens!
Jay7 here, looking forward to meeting you all and hopefully becoming a marine in the ADI. See you star-side!

Heylo Jay7, Glad to have helped with your OB today! Looking forward to flying with you in the verse and hanging out.

Welcome to ADI Jay7!
They have some certification classes for Marines this sunday if youre interested

Hope to see you around!

Jay7 Welcome to ADI,

Conducting your onboarding now.

Welcome to ADI, Jay7! As previously mentioned, the marine cert training is a great place to start. Don’t miss out on org operations. There should be one coming up this weekend. Otherwise, just join in on whatever shenanigans we have going on in mumble. See you around!

Hey Jay7, welcome to ADI!

Star Citizen is finally starting to feel like a real game, you’ve joined at a great time. We have groups doing things most nights, I hope you’ll join us for some shenanigans. See you around the verse!

Welcome to ADI Jay7.

Nice to have a Marine joining. Can’t wait to drop you don’t in a combat zone.

Welcome Jay7,

As its been said above, the game is going from strength to strength. Having done the Marine cert here with the ADI team i can say its great fun, well structured & informative, highly recommend joining one when you can. Look forward to fighting along side you in the verse.

Welcome to ADI Jay7, hope to see you around!

Hello Jay glad to have you part of the org and cant wait till we see you in the verse =D