Thanks for the invite.

I bought the game in 2015, but never really played. I’m a newb so I plan to learn a little bit of everything then concentrate on exploration/military. Looks to be a fun journey.


Hey Vilree welcome to ADI, welcome to the 'verse looking forward to seeing you out there

Welcome to the group Vilree, if theres anything you are curious about feel free to ask here or on the discord :slight_smile:

Glad you accepted our invite, Vilree! We have a range of players in the org and quite a few who have been following the game for a while but just recently decided to become active players. You will have plenty of people to have fun with and learn from in Mumble and Discord. Welcome to ADI!

Welcome Vilree,

Star Citizen is finally starting to feel like a real game, you’ve joined at a great time. If you have any questions feel free to ask on Mumble or Discord. We have groups doing things most nights, I hope you’ll join us for some shenanigans.

Heylo Vilree, Welcome to ADI. Don’t worry too much about coming in late to the game. I just joined up a litle more than a month ago.

Hello Vilree you pick the right time to come back at SC cause 3.3.5 is getting close to being live soon and we will get a new world, so ya cant wait till we see you in the verse =D

Hello Vilree,

Welcome to ADI.

Nice you come back now with 3.3.5 behind the door. Plenty of new contents in SC will offer us new missions to fly together. The best way to learn and know your new wingmen.
See you soon around discord, mumble and the verse.