Hi, Im a newbi here to express how super excited I am for the full release of Star Citizen.

I go by DivDis “DivineDisrespect” as my primary tag from a variety of different games so nice to meet you!

I’m in deep with the Reclaimer scrap ship as the coolest ship in a Space Sim to date “love me some Alien and firefly” as such on day one you will see me flying into the dark recesses of the galaxy looking for loot and adventure in my majestic deep space scrapper

That’s my hype, what brought you into the hype of Star Citizen?

Hiya glad to have you aboard …at the mo i tend to jump in and out of star citizen ( this being an in phase lol ) now my hotas is working ok and my Key binds don’t get wiped every 5 Min or so i tend to stick to it a little more . As i cycle to work every day and listen to a lot of pod casts as i do, i noticed a few had mentioned Star citizen and it sort of peeked my interest … had a mooch about the RSI website and the aurora commercial had me so very hooked , it was just so very well done for a throw away bit of game fiction . Anyhow i have spent more than i should ( as i think most of us have lol ) but as all my ships have there own character i really don’t begrudge a space buck of it . My avenger is a fast but solid dependable ship , My 315 is sleek and precise , Mt mustang delta is a muscle car skidding round corners with its wheels (?) smoking and my Cutlass is a heavily armed clown car :smiley: , but i really feel that i will use all of them in the PU for a variety of different purposes . The amount of detail that RSI puts into the game world makes me think that it will be worth when it launches , anyhow hope to see you about i intent to do a bit of most things mostly bounty hunting and escort work but we will see how things pan out

see ya

Hey DivDis and Craigeovmaverick :slight_smile:

We’re all hyper hyped for this game, and can’t wait to see more of it :smiley:

I have noticed you haven’t performed your on-boarding with us yet, remember that you aren’t considered a full member until you’ve done that. Hop on Mumble and come speak with us soon! You can find the instructions over here to join the server: … eSetup.pdf

Looking forward seeing you soon and perhaps we can fly together!

  • Sangoria

No worries Sangoria I finished my on-boarding and I cant wait to practice and get to know all of you starting here!

I love the details and passion CIG has toward Star Citizen thats the real hook for me. Makes up for the amount of money ive dropped so far and will probably continue to drop.

A little background on me, I’ve played a variety of space sims one of my favorite was star wars galaxies an old school MMO that went out roughly 5 or 6 years ago. galaxies really set the hook that left me hungry and dreaming for what Star Citizen is promising.

I tend to play some planetside and warframe. Science fiction and fantasy have always been my passions whether that be through books, shows or games

Ive always been a hardcore mmo player, and i prefer sandboxes. I played EVE Online for about 3 years straight…finally quit. i backed star citizen about 3 weeks after i left EVE, and i have been backing for 2 years now. subscribed on and on (for about a full years worth of sub time) just because i wanted it to go somewhere. My hype lies in the people, not just the game. The community itself is by far the greatest i have ever seen in anything community-based, let alone a game. The game itself is a far fetched idea, but hey im a believer. I think that if we give it the time, and give constructive feedback it will be the greatest game, not only mmo, that there is.

My hype lies in the players, the people who will make this dream come true. This is the game i have been waiting for.

Cheers, and long live STAR CITIZEN!

I too have now been on boarded and can attest it is a relatively pleasant experience , i would like to thank all involved … i look forward too speaking to you you all on mumble soon