Introduction: Yvoscia

I’ve been a backer of Star Citizen for years but just recently getting into the swing of things. Looking forward to meeting some org members and maybe flying together some time.
Happy sailing,

Howdy there, Yvoscia! Glad to see you coming back into the game. I’m rather new myself, so maybe you can teach me a few things one of these days.
Happy sailing to you too,

Hey Yvoscia! So happy you decided to join us in ADI. The game is getting so much better each patch, if you are interested in mining you can send me a message, I have quite a few hours into doing it. If you ever have any questions always feel free to ask and as always have fun.

Hey there Yvoscia! Yea getting together in game and flying around busting contracts is a lot of fun, looking forward to getting you in a group and making it happen!

Welcome to ADI Yvoscia. This this is a great community and I’m sure you’ll fit right in.

Thanks, everyone.
Shurikan: Currently, my primary activity in SC is mining so I’m happy to help there if I can / know how.
Cheers, guys - would be happy to team up some time if/when possible.

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Excited to meet you in game yvoscia! I hope that tyou enjoy being a part of ADI! What ships do you have and which is your favorite?

Welcome to ADI Yvoscia. We’ve got a great group of people here, that can help you out no matter what direction you decide to go, look forward to seeing you out there.

Cool. I haven’t actually done any mining, so you could actually teach me something about that.

Hi Yvoscia, nice to meet you earlier, see you in the “verse” later sir…

Oh boy, I’m going to need some help pronouncing that name. Always glad to see another miner in the Org. See you in the verse soon

Welcome to ADI, Yvoscia! Good to have you on the Team. A lot of people here are into mining as well as many other things. I’d be happy to help out with anything as needed; feel free to contact me anytime. Clear Space!

Welcome to ADI Yvoscia. I’m glad you joined the team. I look forward to your participation in ADI’s mass org ops.

Welcome to ADI! Mining is definitely a big thing right now. We usually have crews mining all the time, so you should have no trouble finding a group to run prospectors, or to man a mole. See you in the verse!

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