Introduction - Yawger

Yo Yo, The name is Yawger… I’m 40+ years old. Married, with ZERO kids… so that means I have money to spend on ships and things!!!

I’m semi new to SC, but not new to games… As I’ve been playing them since 1985 NES!

I’m still not sure, why I was lucky enough to be sent an invite to this ORG, but I appreciate it, as I always want people to run around the Verse with.

Please reach out if you need any help or assistance with life, work, relationships, games, pets, house hold chores, what to eat on a Friday night, what TV show to binge next, or even sports ball things.

Current ship stable,
Titan, C8R, Arrow, CuttyB, Prospector, Vulture, Taurus, Reclaimer, Carrack.

Current desired ships. Polaris, Kraken, Idris, Bengal, (Basically any Capital Class)… What can I say… I must compensate for “other” things.


Welcome to ADI, cant wait to see you in the verse

Welcome to ADI, see you in the verse next week if it’s launchable!


Try to hop on Mumble soon to get onboarded
After that - the best thing you can do is stay on Discord & Mumble often so you don’t miss out on any of the activities.


Welcome, glad you’ve chosen ADI to jump into and I hope you find what you are looking for here. So jump into mumble and finish that onboarding.

ADI runs on these forum pages check them often and sign up for whatever org ops and training interests you.

see you in the verse