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Hey, My name is Andrew AKA Wulf and I’m looking to have fun playing an awesome space sim. I like to have fun and mostly play these kinds of Games to explore. And yes my username is the same as my xbox gamer tag if anyone wants to hang out there. Look forward to some fun times!

-Ad Astra


Hi WulfAlpha,
Welcome to ADI. What are you enjoying in the verse?

Thanks. Pretty new but I’m enjoying the scenery and stuff.

@WulfAlpha welcome to ADI! The game itself is beautiful and sometimes just flying around and enjoying some of the sights on the moon can be relaxing for me! I also enjoy flying close to the surface and skimming across tree tops :slight_smile:
Any roles that interest you? What time zone are you in?

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Welcome to ADI! You’ll have a great time exploring. Are you looking to get an exploration ship, or something else?

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Yeah. I usually prefer exploration type stuff so I’m looking to get started doing survey and exploration type stuff. Lots of fun flying around though!

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Welcome to ADI @WulfAlpha!

It is most definitely awesome game and will get bigger and better.

What other space sims games have you played?

Welcome to ADI @WulfAlpha! Lots of great exploration ships not a tone to explore, but feel free to help our E&S!

Sounds great! exploration is fine, I wish they would add a camera mod to ships to take survey pictures for operations :smiley:

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Best you get is the Mako’s camera turret.

Welcome to ADI! I love flying around and seeing what random things I can find. I can’t wait for actual exploration gameplay to come in. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask. We are happy to help you out, and teach you all the little tips and tricks :slight_smile: See you in the verse!

Welcome to ADI WulfAlpha. I’m glad you joined the team. I hope to see you in ADI’s mass org ops.

Welcome to ADI Wulf. You’re going to love it here, we’re an active Org and everyone is friendly and helpful. See you in the verse,

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