Introduction: Windimere

Hi all!
I’ve been playing SC since 2015. I enjoy a little of everything but I mainly focus on buying/selling/shipping gameplay. My gaming hours are crazy if you live in the US. I’m hoping that by joining a large Org I will be able to find people to play with no matter the time. I’ve been starting to feel a bit lonely playing by myself and whenever I try to play with others online, they generally don’t respond to my request. I’m very interested in group activities at the moment now that the tech seems to have progressed well enough to make it enjoyable. See you in the 'verse!

Hi there @Windimere and welcome to the org,

you are right, SC is so much better with a group of people, you will always find somebody that is online here.

See you in the verse mate

Wetter sounds sooo bloody! I’m betting you meant better though. lol

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Wetter? LOL. Drat I guess he fixed it. Anyway welcome Windimere to ADI. What are your game hours? The membership is large and overseas as well so you should hopefully find someone. I’m more of a explorer myself, so can’t wait until we have more than one system. Hit me up when you see me online.

Welcome to the Org, I’m sure you will not have any problems finding someone to fly with no matter the hour.

Welcome to the org.
You are right on the money.
We do have quite the big org and plenty of peopl eon round the clock.
Ops and certs are a really good way to experience group play as well.
Hope to see you around

Welcome to ADI. Yeah foir me the game is way more fun with people. I would tell you to jump in mumble every time you get on, but thats just me. There’s almost always some buddy online to fly with or at least talk to. The people here are great like no joke hanging out and just chating about SC all night can be a ton of fun. I also have been loving doing cargo aswell. What ship you trading in at the moment?

Welcome @Windimere,

The hands-down the best way to play SC is with a group of people, and with the diversity of the Org you’ll always find someone online to hangout with. Have any questions hop in mumble or post on the discord, see you in the verse!

Welcome Windimere, happy to have you here. I do wonder what your definition of crazy hours are, and hope they overlap with mine. I hope to fly with you soon.
See you in the verse!

Ah, the wonderful Lake District - Welcome - I hope you enjoy our company - Also, check out on Twitch - I particularly like JayC’s stream showing us how to get a Hammerhead out of a hanger :slight_smile:

Hey @Windimere. Welcome to the ORG. Yes, being part of such a large ORG means you will likely always find someone doing something in game. The shipping aspect of the game can be quite enjoyable if not wrought with fears of the dreaded server disconnect.

Currently I fly the Aurora CL, Reliant Kore, and whatever the subscriber ship of the month is. I was all set to buy a bigger cargo ship during the annual ship sale over the holidays, but CIG decided not to run that promotion this year. :frowning:

I generally game between 0300 and 0700 local time (GMT -7)

Welcome @Windimere! We have players in both Europe and Oceania, so you will probably catch some members from time to time. I’ll sometimes be online at those times, though mostly on the weekends. Looking forward to seeing you in the Verse!

Hiya Nate! I replied above with my usual hours, but I’ll reiterate here. I usually play between 0300 and 0700 local which is GMT -7. Hope this lines up with some folks!

Welcome aboard Windimere! I’m one of the US based folks, but there are usually quite a few on at most hours. Keep an eye on mumble and feel free to ask to group up. Talk to you soon!

Having the sub ships are nice.

@Windimere welcome aboard! ADI has players that span about every timezone, Im sure you’ll find someone to join up with. I did the lone wolf thing for a bit, but SC is much better with a team. I joined up here for the same reasons :slight_smile:

Welcome to ADI Windimere. You’ll fit in find here. I love our mass ops and I’ve no doubt you will too. See you on the front line.